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The episode opened with some teenage kids sneaking into their friend’s room and finding her murdered. Five-O was called in to investigate why the 17 year old girl Emily was murdered. 


The trail that Steve and his team followed weaved its way through Emily’s high school until they found that one of the computer kids had distributed a virus that allowed him to capture Emily’s murder via her webcam. 


The murderer turned out to be a professional hitman who was hired by the islands most expensive jury consultant. Emily’s death meant that her father was off the jury and a replacement put in, the replacement was also on the take and was attempting to prevent the jury from investigating the steel used in the construction that Emily’s father had been on the jury of.


Steve and Danny confronted the contractor at his bigger 800 million dollar site where he was talking to the jury consultant. As Steve and Danny got there the consultant punched the consultant, causing him to fall to his death five floors below.  

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Chin Ho: HPD is not going to just let this go.
Joe: Apparently neither is the Yakuza, we've got company.

Luke: Listen man.
Steve: Sir, you call me SIR.