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The episode opened with Steve visiting the Lt. Governor in his office where he is assigned a new officer Lori Weston to his team to make sure he doesn’t break the rules anymore.

Right afterwards, Five-O is called out to the scene of a missing surfer who was abducted and need heart medicine with 24 hours to live. Steve and the team begin following the clues on the scene while Jenna begins researching back at headquarters.

The team eventually learned that the missing girl Jen is the grand-daughter of a commune/cult owner on another island and he had been communicating with her under a false name on a social network site.

Steve, Danny, and Lori go by horseback to the commune and find Jen’s real life mother who told them that her father (Jen’s grandfather) had taken her. One of the men that Lori disarmed in the commune explained he had a plane. Steve rode out to the plane and stopped the grandfather.

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Kono: Who are you?
Fryer: You might want to sit down.

You broke my trust; there will be consequences as I said there would be.

Lt. Governor