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-A man is killed on a field that was about to be dug up for construction.

-The 5-0 realize that this field was used as a secret burial ground by the Yakuza, who were eager to retrieve their victims before construction unearthed them.

-When Kono asks Adam about the field, his answer leaves her suspicious. She listens in on a call he makes after she leaves his house.

-Kono traces the call to a warehouse, where she discovers corpses in oil drums, engages in a gun battle with a Yakuza killer, and is shot.

-After hearing of Doris's plan to retrieve the incriminating microfiche, McGarrett demands to come along with her.

-The two break into Tyler Cain's building and grab the microfiche, but an alarm is triggered, and Doris is caught by Cain's henchmen.

-In order to bargain for Doris's release, McGarrett pretends to have destroyed the microfiche. But he later reveals that he employed the slight-of-hand magic that his mother taught him, and actually still has the real microfiche.

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Episode 23 Quotes

I sort of thought we had something nice going, but if I can't compete with sand storms and artifacts, I guess it was time to re-evaluate anyway, right?

Danny Williams

Steve McGarrett: She give you a reason?
Danny Williams: A reason why she stayed in Morocco? Or a reason why she stood me up at the airport?
Steve McGarrett: Either.