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Steve is transporting a criminal when the convoy is attacked, and the criminal is killed in the process. Meanwhile, Steve's father has been kidnapped and is life is in the balance. 

The team discovers that Steve has been kidnapped by Wo Fat and finds himself experiencing a different universe, where various events did not happen and his family and friends are living very different lives. 

In the alternate universe, Steve is still in the military and not in law enforcement. Danny and Steve go for a drive and it is revealed that Danny is still married to Rachel. 

Kono is stil la professional surfer. Danny tortures the terrorist who kidnapped Steve's father. They discover that the culprit behind it is Wo Fat. 

Back in reality, Steve is being tortured by Wo Fat. 

Steve sees videos of events that have taken place in the past, one being the death of his mother. 

Back in the alternate reality, Steve and Danny search for answers on who Wo Fat is. 

A gun fight ensues between Wo Fat, Danny and Steve, during which Steve guns down Wo Fat and questions him about trying to kill his father. 

Wo Fat claims that Steve's mother is responsible for who he is today, implying that they have some kind of relationship that Steve did not expect. It is revealed that Steve's mother took in Wo Fat and raised him for several years until this was discovered by authorities. 

Steve manages to escape and fights with Wo Fat as the team races to find his location. Steve kills Wo Fat during the fight. 

When the team discovers him, Steve asks about where his father is, as he does not remember that his father died. 

Hawaii Five-0
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