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A little girl (Sophie Larkin) is kidnapped during a dance recital, her father is deployed overseas and her mother is a social worker, leaving the team to wonder what they would want with the girl.

Meanwhile. Danny interrogates Marco Reyes, the guy who broke into his house. It seems Danny’s brother has 18.5 million of Marco’s money and he doesn’t seem to care that Danny’s a cop. So Danny books him to keep him in jail as long as possible.

As the investigation of the kidnapping moves on, they question another little girl, Maggie Porter, who saw Sophie’s kidnapper. Later, Maggie’s parents get a call that their daughter is being held for ransom, except Maggie is safe and sound. Turns out the kidnappers took the wrong child.

The scary man is still following Jerry, who has resorted to ghost stories to scare potential buyers away from his mother’s house.

Maggie’s parents play along to help the Larkins and talk to the kidnappers, but a trace goes nowhere. With help from Jerry, Chin runs down another lead. They find a man named Wiley and kill him in a shoot-out but Sophie is already gone by the time they get there.

Jerry finds evidence of a corporate cover-up in the Porter’s company. A man name Pollard was kicked out and lost a huge pay day. Company paid out exactly 1.6 million when he left, but he isn’t the kidnapper. He tells them story about discovering a defect in a car seat that Caroline Porter covered up. A child died due to the defect.

The father of that child is the kidnapper, but by the time they figure it out, he has kidnapped Caroline as well. He takes her to the place his child was killed and threatens her life, but ultimately can’t pull the trigger. He’s arrested, but so is Caroline. Little Sophie is reunited with her family unharmed.

Finally, Marco’s lawyer showed up, getting him out in only a couple days. Danny is there waiting for Marco and tells him to get on a plane and leave. Marco says he has Matthew, somewhere Danny will never find him unless he gets his money.

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

When your child is in danger, you can sense it.


Not knowing where things stand, that's what tears you up the most.