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Danny tells Steve he found the money, but he's 5.5 million short and he's got two days to come up with it or his brother is dead. Danny tries to borrow the money from a loan shark, but gets turned down. Chin says he might be able to help.

Meanwhile, a man named Gordon Bristol arrives in Hawaii and is immediately detained. They found a weapon in his luggage, hidden into the lining. He acts all innocent right up until he takes on a room for agents and wins.

Kamekona and Jerry are still listening to what's happening in the book store. Jerry is using a computer program as they are talking German. Still no talk about counterfeiting, but Jerry is patient.

Chin goes to see Gabriel in jail again and asks for money to help out Danny, but Gabriel says no way.

Turns out Bristol's real name is Joseph Stegner and he's a big-time hit man for a one of the biggest crime families in Detroit, the Bagosa's. They track him down, but right before they can arrest him, he is taken out by a sniper. Steve manages to shoot the sniper, but he gets away and eventually steals an ambulance. He tries to outrun them again, but passes out from blood loss and wakes up in the hospital. 

The sniper is known as Valentine and he was once the biggest, baddest hit man for the Bagosa family but after an accident led to him getting a heart transplant, he found he couldn't bring himself to kill anymore. He kept taking contracts but would hide the people away to keep them safe from Bagosa. His boss found out and sent Stegner to finish the jobs he couldn't.

Meanwhile, Gabriel calls Chin back and says he wants a private cell and private rec time in exchange for 5.5 million to help Danny.

Stegner doesn't want to give up the people under his protection, but the team finds out that Bagosa is leading an entire team to kill them all and Steve offers to let Stegner help them get his people out. He agrees and they all work together to take down Bagosa's team, Stegner himself gets to put a gun to Bagosa's head and watch the handcuffs get put on, before being put back into handcuffs himself.

Chin gives the money to Danny and he and Steve go to Columbia to give it to Reyes. But instead of his brother, Danny is presented with a barrel that Reyes claims has his brother's body in it. He tells Danny to leave Colombia or he's going to come after Danny's daughter.

Danny promises Reyes he will kill him. Then Steve and Danny are escorted out, but soon fighting is heard and Danny comes back down the stairs with Steve behind.

Danny marches up to Reyes and puts a bullet right between his eyes.

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Steve: You know what, partner? We can get on a plane right now and settle this.
Danny: That is why I love you, buddy. You’re always willing to risk both our lives at any given moment.

Danny: You really think this is the kind of guy to go to the hospital?
Steve: Maybe we’ll get lucky and he'll drop dead before it’s a consideration.