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At the beginning of the episode Jerry is standing in a police line-up. While Steve is getting a close shave at Odell's barber shop, a young man named Aaron walks in after being shot in the leg. 

Shortly after several men pull up to the barber shop and start shooing at the building. They claim to want the kid who was shot. 

As Chin is helping Jerry get out of his police troubles, Jerry is afraid that he will never get out. 

Back at the barber shop Steve, Odell and Aaron find themselves surrounded. 

China goes to ask Max about whether he was with Jerry or not. Chin finds out that the two went to a gambling event the night before. 

Odell pulls down the gate in front of the store. Steve finds out that he is facing an Armenian gang who runs Aaron's neighborhood and manages to stop his left from bleeding. 

Odell reveals to Steve that they are facing a dangerous gangster. 

A cop responds to the call about gunfire and is shot by the gang as Steve tries to warn him. 

Chin continues to look into the home invasions that Jerry has been accused of. Steve discovers that Odell wnet to law school. 

The gang breaks into the building and Steve and Odell manage to subdue them. Meanwhile Chin and Grover track down who is really responsible for the home invasions. 

Steve tracks down a man who he thinks is responsible for the ambush and the murder and discovers that he is the father of Aaron. The father reveals that Aaron has been abducting children and tried to kill him. 

Aaron abducts Odell and holds him at gunpoint, but Steve manages to make it in time and shoots Aaron. 

Steve finds evidence to prove that Aaron was the one who was killing children. 




Hawaii Five-0
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