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A woman kills her conspirator and escapes a robbery. 

Steve and Danny are sitting through therapy for their relationship. 

Steve decides to stakeout Emma and wait for Anders to seek revenger on her for shooting him. Steve and Danny use an older woman's house to stakeout the thief. 

Danny recognizes the voice of the man talking to Emma as a television salesman and the team apprehends him. 

Meanwhile, Anders is still alive and planning something. 

Danny and Steve are interrupted by the neighbor while they are on stakeout. The neighbor tells Steve and Danny that she has been robbed and wants their assistance. 

A guy name Ricky opens the door to Agnes's apartment claiming to take care of the cat when she is away. Danny realizes that he is storing pot at Agnes's apartment. 

Jerry brings Ruth the fern that was stolen from her. 

Grover and Barry come over and the apartment stinks and Barry is allergic to cats. 

The team continues to watch Emma. Mia from the jewelry store comes over and Steve and Danny discover that Emma and her have a relationship. 

Danny leaves the window open and Mr. Pickles escapes. Steve and Danny go to Emma's apartment and discover that she has been shot. 

Kono goes to the jewlery shop to arrest Mia, but must take down Ivanovich when he comes to the jewelry store. 

Steve and Danny apprehend Ricky, but offer him a deal for finding Mr. Pickles. 

Jerry becomes close to Ruthe while helping her find her fern. 




Hawaii Five-0
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