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Mr. White returns to Hawaii with an American patient who has contracted a deadly strain of the bird flu. Steve and Mr. White have a conversation in the car about Wo Fat and Doris's relationship. 

As the two are driving the car is ambushed and the sick man is abducted and Steve and Mr. White have to go to the hospital. 

The team's investigation of the case reveals that someone must have known that Lang was being transported to Hawaii. The team is also told that the kidnappers would need very specific equipment to be able to house Lang safely. 

Mr. White, Steve,and Lou storm the house of a suspect and discover that they are dealing with a skilled group of terrorists who had associations with the CIA.

Kono and Danny go to Doctor Rennick's office and discover that he may be able to weaponize the virus in 12 hours. The team realizes that Carson may be planning to spread the virus by using bees.

A shoot out occurs at a bee farm with the terrorists. Mr. white kills Carson and drives the contaminated truck into the ocean. 

Mr. White reveals to Steve that his mother never checked in with her handlers meaning that she either went off the grid or was captured. 

Steve does not trust Mr. White and reveals at the end of the episode that he is keeping him under surveillance. 

Hawaii Five-0
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