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Kono is preparing for her outrigging trip around the island. The entire gang comes to the beach to wish her a good trip.  

After Kono departs on her trip, the team is called to the scene of a drug store heist where a man was murdered. The team discovers that there has been a series of drug store robberies.

Meanwhile, Kono becomes caught in a sudden storm. Chin is monitoring the storm back at headquarters. 

Grover, Chin and Steve are on the case of the drug store robberies and Chin realizes the tattoo on one of the suspects. 

Kono discovers that her satellite phone is broken. 

Steve and Chin get involved in a shoot out while trying to track down the drug dealer. Steve and Chin investigate the drug dealer and discover they are looking for somone named Willie Moon. 

After arresting Willie Moon, Chin and Steve discover it was the man's son Carter who had his father imprisoned and forced to cook meth. 

Kono continues to have flashbacks of her mother as she is lost to see. 

Kono calls Chin and he realizes that something has gone wrong on Kono's trip. The team goes out on searches for Kono, but she manages to make it back to Hawaii on her own. 

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 23 Quotes

He called it his inheritance and as far as he was concerned you were dead to him.


The smoke seen in the dream now rises.

Hawaiian Proverb