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This episode begins with a flashback of Danny and Reyes. 

Danny is arrested by the CIA while giving a presentation in front of Grace's classroom and China is arrested as he is leaving to try and help Danny. 

Steve turns to Mr. White, who also tipped him off about the CIA, to help Danny and Chin. 

Mr. White tells Steve that someone needs to take the fall for Reyes's murder because he was an asset to the CIA. 

Danny is interrogated by the CIA and agrees to sign a waiver to be extradited to Columbia. 

Kofflin is using Chin's cousin to testify against him so that he can put him prison.

Steve and Mr. White discover that the CIA's charges against Danny are about finding a missing shipment of cocaine that is worth 1 billion. 

Steve goes to talk to Grace about why Danny was arrested. 

The team flies to South America to meet Joe's contact, who provides them with a helicopter to get around. Meanwhile, Danny is having a hard time in prison from being beaten by other inmates. 

The team uses the helicopter to raid the refinery where they believe the cocain is hidden. The team finds Reyes' journals that reveal that the CIA agent was on Reyes' drug payroll. Joe and Steve use this to negotiate Danny's return.

Danny returns to Hawaii and is reunited with Grace. Joe reveals to Steve that he knows that he was watching him while he was in lockdown. 

Hawaii Five-0
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