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Jerry and Max continue their friendship and attend a concert together.

Steve picks up Grover from the airport after his return from Chicago where he was trying to prove Clay's guilt. 

Steve and Grover meet Max at the concert where the singer has been murdered. 

The team must then interrogate the other Elvis impersonators. In the process the team finds out that Lane was in a band and may have pissed off his band mates when he left. 

Lane's band mate points the team in the direction of a girl who was obsessed with Lane and Steve gets a confession. 

Danny discovers the body of the costume designer in his shop. His body is stolen while Max is trying to perform and autopsy and the team is led to past case. 

Steve and Danny visit Barry about the stolen diamonds in the robbery case and discover the robber'sbrother has come back to take the diamonds. 

A shoot out occurs at the Elvis convention. 

On his way to meet the team for drinks Chin received a call from his cousin who is threatening him. 

When Chin returns to his house he discovers pictures of Adam with an unidentified  man. 



Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 21 Quotes

Wow this guy has got it all. Ruffles, stage presence and the most important quality when it comes to impersonating Elvis. Swagger.


Normally, when I get someone else's pants I don't go on a violent killing spree to get them back.