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The Five-0 task force investigates the murder of a young woman found in a marine pod off the coast. The victim, Brooke, had come to the Big Island with dreams of being a dancer, but instead found herself working for a hula dance company that was a front for an escort service.

The team soon runs across a hard-boiled private investigator in the mold of Philip Marlowe: Harry Brown, a highly-decorated former police officer, was doing a favor for Brooke's father by keeping track of her after she left home, and he feels guild-ridden that she was killed on his watch.

The dance company manager points the team to Brooke's client David Waring, though Brooke's roommate thinks Brooke's jealous ex-boyfriend Corey was a more likely culprit. They discover Corey outside Waring's house, covered in blood, with Waring's corpse inside.

They determine that Waring died before Brooke and he may have been the intended target. Waring was not exactly well-liked, and they realize that Brooke was present for Waring's murder and was probably killed to cover up the killer's involvement.

Harry, with evidence uncovered on his own, locates the owner of the boat used to dump Brooke's body in the marine pod. This man points the finger at his old friend, the father of Waring's fiancee, who killed Waring for sleeping with a prostitute (despite his own predilections) and then killed Brooke after being tipped off that she witnessed the murder.

The father reveals that the dance company manager had tipped him off: she didn't think Brooke's life was worth the loss of two clients in one night.

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

In our profession, seeing the worst in humanity everyday can take its toll.

Max Bergman

[voiceover] The American dream - some find it. Others don't. Then there are the unlucky few who die trying. This gal was one of those.

Harry Brown