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When a college professor is found murdered in a pig pen, Danny goes undercover as his replacement to catch the murderer. His nephew Eric joins him in the classroom as a partying student. They discover that the departed professor was not the most liked by his students. According to them he was tough on his students.

The professor knows his job is on the line and buys a foreclosed nail salon that doesn't see much business. He turns the salon into a front for a pot growing business. One of his students is his business partner. He gets greedy and wants all the money for himself so he kills the professor and throws him in the pig pen so the pigs will eat the evidence.

He might have got away with it, if Jerry hadn't sat in the pig pen waiting for pig who ate his heart with the bullet in it, to poop it out.

Kaili's father is released from prison and comes back to get custody of him. Kaili obviously doesn't want anything to do with him. He confides to Steve that when he was a little boy, he sat in a car, while he heard his father shoot a guy and leave him in a field. Steve and the team find the remains of the victim

Looks like Adam will probably take a 24 month plea deal. He doesn't seem interested in going the self defense route.


Hawaii Five-0
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