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Grover goes to Chicago to try to get a confession out of his old friend Clay Maxwell. Grover's gut instinct has told him that Clay pushed his wife off a Cliff while on an anniversary trip to Hawaii.Trouble is, Grover has no proof he did it. His only option is either a confession, or try to get him for something else. Grover remembers some missing money from a stash house raid several years ago, and Clay would have had opportunity to steal it. So after breaking and entering, kidnapping and assault, Grover eventually finds the stolen money Clay has stashed in an old rusty in the garage. Clay tries to bribe Grover with splitting the money with him, but he declines and calls the police.

Elsewhere Kono, Chin, Steve and Danny have been surfing. Traffic is backed up on their usual route and they disagree about the best alternative. So they make a wager. Kono and Chin are taking the off the beaten path through the coffee plantations and Steve and Danny take another highway. Steve and Danny arrive first. The victory is short lived when Steve becomes worried about the others. They have not arrived yet and they are not answering their phones.

They go looking for them. Luckily they find them right before they are going to be shot execution style by two cop killing brothers. They had come upon the brothers earlier when they got lost and were going to ask for some directions. Instead, they saw the brothers digging a grave for the cop they murdered.

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

Clay: You know you are going to go to jail for this.
Grover: Yeah, it would be me and you. I get dibs on the bottom bunk.

Like I always said, only three things are sure in life. Death, taxes and Clay Maxwell ordering Giordano's on a Thursday night.