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McGarrett is visiting Guantanemo Bay at the bequest of Naser Salaam, a Al Queda operative his SEAL team captured a decade ago. Salaam tells him there's a terrorist attack planned for Oahu. Robert Coughlin tries to recruit Chin to create a unit similar to Five-0 in San Francisco to battle the triads. Kono and Adam meet with Hirsch, Hirsch wanted her to expunge his criminal record, but instead she asks Adam to improve his business plan. The team is skeptical about Salaam's intel, but McGarrett doesn't dare ignore it. A phrase that Salaam gives McGarrett leads to a travel agency. The employee stalls Kono and Grover, while the owner tries to escape, only to be knocked out by Grover. They suspect the agency is being used to launder money, possibly by terrorists. Adam gives Hirsch a pep talk about continuing to apply at banks despite his criminal record. The travel agency's records lead to Adnan Khalid, a university professor. Five-0 finds a threatening video on Khalid's laptop, and they have three hours to stop an attack. Based on the video, McGarrett thinks the target is military. Chin tracks Khalid's burner phone to a mosque. But the man with the phone, who gets killed while trying to escape, isn't Khalid. Jerry thinks Khalid is being set up, and McGarrett agrees. The phone contains an image of an office building. Grover points out the building is right under the flight path of a plane containing military personnel involved in a recent attack in Kabul, and the terrorists plans to shoot down the plane. While Kono and Grover tie up two gunmen, McGarrett goes out a window and climbs up the building to the roof., arriving just in time, taking out the terrorist with a rocket launcher. He also rescues Khalid. Chin tells McGarrett about the offer, which he hasn't told Abby about yet. Kamekona offers to become Hirsch's partner.


Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 24 Quotes

I'm not taking fashion advice from a man wearing clothing with his face on it.

Hirsch [to Kamekona]

Friends, family, anyone you care about, get them off that island.

Salaam [to McGarrett]