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In the aftermath of Chin's abduction, the team must figure out how to rescue him. McGarrett's interrogation of a cartel member yields the location of the Diego compound. As Chin was about to get thrown into a dog pit, McGarrett and the team take down the handle of cartel thugs guarding him. The Morales relinquish guardianship of Sarah to Chin, since Juarez is a dangerous place. A box of doughnuts leads them to Max's lab, where there's a body of a car dealer, Mitch Lawson, on his slab. Grover argues that he should go undercover at the dealership to investigate. The dead man was one of the leaders for a $50,000 bonus. The other leader, Paul Burnett, becomes the front-runner and the prime suspect. Kamekona, posing as a buyer, brings Burnett to McGarrett during a test drive. Burnett said Mitch had an angry phone call the night he was killed, about a salesman, Bob Mason, stealing one of his sales. Grover finds blood in Bob's office. Bob claims it was self-defense after Mitch attacked him over the sale. Bob is arrested, but Grover is still suspicious about Mitch's behavior. Mitch had been selling drug-packed cars to a local Korean dealer, Lee Sung. The team takes down the body shop where the drugs are being packaged, but a gunman recovers the car after killing a cop and the driver. Sung is captured, but tells McGarrett that Mitch has a new buyer, who is the gunman, Jared Namal, a terrorist. The car was transporting radioactive materials for a dirty bomb. The team finds Namal and he kills himself, and they take custody of the bomb. Chin thanks Adam for going to Mexico to help rescue him. McGarrett finds out Max is leaving for Africa from an apartment listing he placed. 

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 12 Quotes

Chin: When I said goodbye to Sarah, I promised I'd see her again. Thanks for helping me keep that promise.
McGarrett: You're welcome.

Chin: It's funny. You're doing all this for your brother's honor and he had none.
Carlos: You didn't know my brother.
Chin: I know he tried to sell you out. He was going to give up Frontera, knowing that the DEA would use him to bring down your whole organization. He betrayed you, Carlos.