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McGarrett is having a romantic dinner with Lynn, which Catherine interrupts. Awkwardness ensues. Catherine tells McGarrett that his mother Doris is in trouble. Apparently Doris tried to break out Wo Fat's father Yao from a CIA black site in Morocco, but she got caught. Lynn accidentally spills to Catherine that Steve had been planning to propose to her. On the flight, Catherine admits that she is in the CIA. McGarrett and Catherine capture a CIA agent to get details on where Doris is being held. Chin, Kono and Grover show up to help out. Chin tells Kono that he lost his appeal and that his niece Sara is going back to Mexico with her aunt and uncle while he's gone. The team cuts the power to break into the black site. McGarrett sneaks into Doris's cell, only to be attacked by her. While they're trapped inside her cell, Doris and McGarrett have it out over her continually going back to the spy game. Doris refuses to leave until they break out Yao too. They find Yao, but a guard finds Doris's cell empty, and the alarm sounds. Chin and Catherine retrieve a charge that Doris had planted, but McGarrett, Doris and Yao get caught. They break loose and use the charge to open up an escape tunnel. Doris tells McGarrett there's a lockbox under his floorboards with all the answers he seeks. Catherine goes with Doris and Yao to her next assignment, leaving McGarrett behind again after telling him that she would have accepted his proposal. Chin comes home to an empty house and flips through Sara's sketchbook, remembering the times they had together. McGarrett opens the lockbox, and finds Doris's journal. 

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Every time I tuck her in, I think it might be the last.


McGarrett: Hi, can I help you?
Lynn: I'm not sure if I have the right place. A handsome gentleman promised me an evening of romance and fine dining.
McGarrett: I can definitely help you with one of those.
Lynn: I hope it's dinner because I am starving.