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The body of Sam Harrison, a big-game hunter, is found hung up like a prize fish. Kamekona's worker are on strike. The body of Leia Rozen is fished out of the water. Leia had been volunteering at a former leprosy colony on Molokai. Lily O'Neill, a shark expert, had been threatening Harrison, but she denies any involvement in his death. A check of Leia's bungalow revealed that she had a gun in her backpack. Noelani's autopsy reveals Harrison had first been attacked by a great white shark, then mutilated to hide the attack. Kamekona passes on rumors of restaurants serving shark-fin soup. Grover advises Kamekona to negotiate with his workers. Eric is brought in to look for evidence in Leia's room. One fingerprint leads to Tony Nguyen, a bartender in town, who has outstanding warrants. He sold Leia the gun, and says she said she was looking for justice. Leia had been traveling around the globe hunting for a Nazi prison guard. Thanks for Kamekona's tip, Danny and Kono bring in shark hunter Marty Reynolds, who took Harrison out, in his boat, then hung him up after the shark maimed Harrison. Settlement volunteer Bill Walker identifies the Nazi guard as the father of Sheriff Alana, but they're already on the run. Kamekona buys off Flippa by offering him his own truck on the Nort Shore and gives the other workers a modest raise. McGarrett and Chin catch up with the Nazi at a motel in Arizona, and arrest him for war crimes and Alana for Leia's murder. 

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 15 Quotes

As awful as that guy was, he didn't deserve to die that way. Besides, killing Harrison accomplishes nothing. The work people like me are doing, educating the public and trying to get legislation passed, will do a lot more to protect the shark population than taking out one single hunter.

Lily [to Danny and Kono]

A labor dispute is like a flat tire. It's not an emergency.

McGarrett [to Kamekona]