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Adam has finally found a job, working construction, which he is enjoying. Bank robbers crash into a car, killing Leonard Patterson, a survivor of the USS Arizona. It's the second military credit union they have hit in a week.  Adam discovers bones at the construction site. His foreman tells him to forget about it. Adam enlists Jerry to quietly investigate. McGarrett suspects the robbers have a military connection, and DNA leads them to a suspect, Nicolas Rider. They walk into a fire-fight, and Ryder leaves a bomb, which explodes. McGarrett pursues him, gets shot in his vest, plays dead to draw in Rider, then plugs him in the head. Adam goes back at night and digs for more bones. Rider works for a disgraced security firm, who Five-0 suspects are the robbers. Adam gets caught on the security cameras and gets fired. McGarrett learns more about his grandfather Steve''s heroics from footage from a Pearl Harbor documentary. Lee Campbell, the leader of the group, tells his tail to have McGarrett come meet with him at a diner. McGarrett and Campbell have an intense conversation. Adam hasn't told Kono he got fired. Jerry discovers a realtor with access to the property had his wife disappear in the 1990s. Campbell has been paying the mortgage for Kiana Warren, whose husband worked for Campbell. They're robbing banks to pay for her mortgage. Adam approaches the realtor, Daniel Nesmith, trying to make him do something incriminating, then tails him. Alarm calls are coming in from banks all over the island. His actual target is a jewelry store across the island from the banks. Another fire-fight ensues. Campbell's two teammates fall, while Campbell and McGarrett battle until Campbell gets skewered on a piece of rebar. The realtor is caught on security camera digging up his wife's body. Leonard is laid to rest at the USS Arizona Memorial.

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 22 Quotes

Let me see that. [Looks at the bullet from McGarrett's vest.] All right, Superman.


Adam: At the end of the day, I get to come home to my beautiful smoke-show of a wife.
Kono: Your what?
Adam: That's what the guys are calling you.