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Danny and McGarrett are creating a race car-themed bedroom for Charlie. Tanaka, Danny's old captain, drops by. Makino, a potential witness from an old case, has been in a coma for seven years at an assisted-living clinic, as a John Doe, and a news story reveals his location. They go there, but the clinic goes on lockdown because of a security breach. Danny calls McGarrett for backup.A woman dressed as a nurse attacks Danny, but he injects her with the syringe she brought. Throughout, Danny keeps flashing back to his memories of the original crime. Danny wants to move Makino, but his nurse Jenny refuses because he's on a ventilator. Jenny insists on going with them as they move Makino. While the other three ride in an elevator, Danny races down the stairs and takes out a gunman. Danny drives them away in an ambulance that's taking gunfire. The rest of Five-0 has tracked the hit-woman to Dario Mendez, a drug-lord, and they plan to stop him from killing Makino. Danny hits the brakes, and one of the tailing vehicles crashes into the ambulance, slowing down the gunmen. Tanaka leans out the back, and shoots out the window of the other SUV following them. Danny stops at a house, and hides the ambulance, and they all go inside. The team confronts Mendez, who won't call off the hit. The gunmen are now on foot hunting for them, and have soon surrounded the house. They cut the power, shutting off Makino's ventilator. Danny runs out to grab the portable generator from the ambulance. Just as the last two gunmen come through the door, McGarrett runs them over with his truck. Mendez will be charged for the attempted murder of Makino.. Danny goes back to visit Makino, who is going to be moved to a secure facility.

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 23 Quotes

Tanaka: This can't be a coincidence.
Danny: No, it can't be.

McGarrett: Why are the instructions in the trash can?
Danny: Because I didn't think I'd need the instructions to put together a child's bed.