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McGarrett and Danny recruit Tani Rey to go undercover on campus for Five-0. Tani got kicked out of the Police Academy for assaulting her training officer. She turns them down. Chin is now running his own task force in San Francisco. Hacker Aaron Wright opens the cell door for Jason Duclair, who walks out of prison while the guards are locked inside. Wright breaks into the Five-0 computer system and challenges them to hunt down Duclair. The arsonist examines the wreckage of a burned-out home. A body of another arsonist is found is a burnt-out building. A drug lord arranged for Duclair to be sprung so that Duclair could figure out who torched his drug lab. After the other arsonist was killed, Duclair burns the drug lord and his sons to tie up loose ends. Duclair is about to torch Wright when Tani knocks at the door then starts fighting with Duclair. He gets the upper hand, then FIve-0 arrives. Duclair escapes through a bathroom window. They chase him into the forest, and he starts a fire to cover his escape. After hesitating, McGarrett gives Tani a gun. McGarrett catches up to Duclair and they battle, until Tani shoots Duclair in the leg. Five-0 and Duclair try to find their way out. They take shelter in a cabin. McGarrett goes back out into the fire after help. Duclair gets everyone worked up at the cabin with his talk about fire. Duclair gets loose and runs out into the fire. Just when the trio is about to lose hope, McGarrett shows up with a chopper. He has them wrap cables around the cabin and lifts it and them out of the fire. Duclair's body is found. Tani agrees to join Five-0. McGarrett agrees to be Danny's partner in the restaurant Steve's. 

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 1 Quotes

McGarrett: Steve's is your dream. It's not Steve's.
Danny: You don't think it'd be fun?

They were right to kick me out. I shouldn't be a cop.

Tani [to McGarrett and Danny]