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Noelani borrowed Eddie to help her meet a guy who has a rescue dog. Junior is looking for an apartment, and McGarrett hints he should stick around. Junior disappears when going for another beer, and he left his phone behind. Hirsch calls Grover because he found paintings that were stolen by the Nazis at a murder scene he was cleaning. Junior got recalled by his SEAL team. He calls McGarrett to tell him his team is going after hostages in Nigeria, including Joe White. McGarrett volunteers for the mission, and the team leader reluctantly agrees. McGarrett thanks Junior for calling him. Kamekona offers to help out in the investigation of the stolen art, since he owns Hirsch's business. Grover chooses to focus on solving the murder first, while Kakemona decides he and Hirsch are going to test the paintings. Hirsch hides in the closet when the husband, Kurt Wagner, comes home.The SEALS come under fire from Nigerian pirates. McGarrett bluffs that he's giving up, then the rest of the team shoot the pirates. Among their loot is Joe White's gun. Throughout the mission, McGarrett recalls his past adventures with Joe. Hirsch tries to x-ray the painting, but Wagner comes back, so Hirsch hides under the bed. Wagner's mistress shows up. McGarrett and Junior go in after the hostages. Hirsch brings back the sheets to identify the mistress, and tells that the paintings are real. Joe is a shackled hostage. They rescue him, but an airstrike is coming at the building. McGarrett grabs a hostage to help them find the tunnels under the building before the missiles hit. Grover and Tani interrogate Olivia, the mistress, telling her where Wagner's plan went wrong. Hirsch flies to return the paintings to the family who originally owned them. Tani finds a handgun at Adam's house.

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 24 Quotes

McGarrett: You took a pretty big risk doing what you did.
Junior: If I got kicked out of the Reserves, I like to think I have a pretty cool job to fall back. on.

Goodbye, buddy. Good work today.

Noelani [to Eddie]