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When Junior is out running, he almost gets run over by an old girlfriend, Layla, who is pregnant. Tani tracks down her brother Koa and grabs him before ICE raids the house where he had been staying. McGarrett picks up Adam at the airport, without Kono. Kono couldn't leave behind the task force work she was doing hunting sex traffickers. Junior runs upon a bank heist in progress and calls McGarrett. Grover shows Tani a video of the raid which showed her rescuing Koa. Then he deletes it. McGarrett checks out the getaway car, then scopes out the robbery. He tells Junior to call for backup, then goes in alone. Junior breaks into McGarrett's truck and gets his backup gun. Adam follows and McGarrett gives him a gun as well. McGarrett figures out the robbers are hiding in the vault, then there was an explosion. They all got knocked out. The robbers blew a tunnel out from the vault. McGarrett tracks the robbers through the tunnel. Adam calls Jerry to track McGarrett's cell. Then they follow in McGarrett's truck, with Adam driving cross-country. McGarrett mistakenly shoots a cop under ground. Adam picks them up then races to the hospital. The cop doesn't make it. The robbers got away with $10 million, which was deposited the day before, which pointed to an inside job. They pick up teller Bobby Akamu, whose prints were in the vault. The dead man was not a cop, because all the robbers changed into police uniforms. One of the fake cops goes into police headquarters and kills Akamu. He escapes before McGarrett seals the doors. McGarrett and Grover follow and get into a shootout with the robbers, then McGarrett shoots the driver and the car rolls over. Tani calls McGarrett to tell him about the ICE raid.   

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 7 Quotes

I figured it was time to come back home and try to have some semblance of a life.

Adam [to McGarrett]

Layla: I'm sorry I almost killed you.
Junior: That's all right. I need to be more careful next time.