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Jimmy Okada, the boss of a crime family, is killed. McGarrett and Danny are working on setting up their restaurant. Kamekona suggests McDanno's Bar and Grill for their restaurant name. Former Brit spy Harry Langford is in town. He's retired and making a living as a gambler. McGarrett and Danny fear a gang war because of the murder. Harry is bored with his new life, and volunteers his services. Jimmy's son Derek threatens vengeance on those who killed his dad. Harry goes in  to meet with a local arms dealer. The dealer takes Harry for a drive to kill him, but Harry takes out about five guys, including the driver, by the time McGarrett and Danny catch up with him. The dealer points Five-0 toward a rival gang. They raid that gang's warehouse and capture the gang. Victor, the gang's leader, said they were preparing for when the FBI indicted Jimmy Okada. One shooter with one gun took out all the men at Jimmy Okada's. Harry successfully psycho-analyzes McGarrett and Danny's relationship. They find Annie, the server who let in the shooter, dead. Tani and Grover interview John Wolcott, a piano teacher who reported stolen the gun used in the shooting. Annie texted Wolcott just before she was killed. A car of gunmen pulls up outside Wolcott's house. Grover and Tani take out five of six shooters, but Wolcott escapes. Grover found a hidden room full of firearms in the basement. Wolcott's son was killed by a hit-and-run driver, Okada, and Wolcott has been planning his revenge. He met Annie at a survivors' support group. Wolcott calls to threaten Derek. He eliminates all of Derek's men, then Five-0 arrives. He shoots Derek, then surrenders. Danny and McGarrett try to make dinner for Harry and Veronique, but the couple gives up and goes to Kamekona's instead. 

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 3 Quotes

McGarrett [to Kamekona]: This is different than the type of establishment you're used to running.
Danny: Yeah. It's going to have plates, it's going to have silverware, it's going to have a kitchen that would pass the health inspection.

Kamekona: Hey, you missed a spot.
McGarrett [pointing at Kamekona's face]: So did you.