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A bearded McGarrett is in mourning a month after Joe White's death at Joe's Montana ranch. Danny comes to bring home back to Hawaii, Catherine is already there. Steve and Catherine are interrogating Gregers Thomsen, the lawyer for Omar Hassan, who set up the hit on McGarrett's old SEAL team. Two brothers buying a storage locker find a bag of human bones. They call Noelani, who goes to check them out. She discovers the brothers dead in the locker, and the bones are missing. McGarrett puts together a strike force to go to Laos, adding Junior, Commander Wade Gutches, and Lucia Bama. Grover, Tani, and Adam investigate the storage-locker murders. McGarrett blames Greer for enabling the murders. Harry Langford had done advance work for McGarrett. McGarrett and Catherine seek to make contact with Hassan's lieutanant Dmitri. Junior disguised as a server puts a tracer in Dmitri's drink, which Catherine gets him to drink. They follow him to find where Hassan was staying. A bowling trophy leads the Five-0 squad to Alexander Woods, the victim. Grover and Tani interrogate Woods' former partner, who owned the storage locker before he went to prison. Catherine knew that Greer once dated McGarrett. Danny and Catherine stay behind, while McGarrett, Junior, Harry, and Wade attack Hassan's apartment and shoot him, but Danny and Catherine get captured by his guards. Harry calls in the Laotian police who arrest the guards. McGarrett won't shoot Hassan. Instead, he gets Greer's location in China from him. Greer goes for her gun to shoot McGarrett, but Catherine kills her. McGarrett explains to Catherine that Joe brought her into his life, making him promise to ask her out if he survived back in Afghanistan in 2002. Catherine still goes back to the CIA. 

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 11 Quotes

Danny: It doesn't seem like he's going to talk.
McGarrett: That's OK. I'm not done with him yet.

McGarrett: You didn't need to come out here.
Danny: I did, because that's what family does.