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Jack Teague, a vacationing dad, is kidnapped and forced to parachute. The kidnapper, working for the Chinese, impersonates the air marshal, who was murdered. McGarrett investigate why Teague was targeted. Tani goes back to the police academy, where she visits Captain Keo, who she punched to get kicked out of the academy. She asks him to run Adam's gun off the books. He refuses. Jerry and Junior narrow down where the kidnapper and missing man landed in the jungle. Danny, Junior, and Tani track them. They find the kidnapper, dead from a snapped neck. Grover discovers the CIA's Miller was waiting at the airport. Jerry found Chinese documents on Teague's laptop. He's a Chinese spy. McGarrett figures Teague has been exposed and was running. Danny thinks Teague is trying to deceive trackers. Grover stalls Miller until McGarrett can break into his room. Miller said Teague was a double agent for the Americans. Miller, trying to save his career, offered to get Teague and his family into a safe house. Miller sent a CIA team into the jungle as well, and Danny found them all dead. So there's a Chinese team there as well, led by Greer. Teague shoots at the Chinese team, but he's wounded. Five-0 arrives to give him support, wounding Greer. Teague jumps off a 100-foot cliff. Danny takes Greer to McGarrett. Steve wants her to call off her search party, but she refuses. Greer has spyware on Miller's phone, and he gets a call from Teague. Miller picks up Teague, but the Chinese are on him. Miller is killed and Teague is taken. McGarrett determines the vehicle the Chinese are driving. They're heading straight for the Chinese consulate. but Five-0 overturns that SUV, rescuing Teague. Keo changes his mind and agrees to run the gun for Tani. Greer threatens to implicate McGarrett.

Hawaii Five-0
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