The team works to track down a bomber who demands the release of an arsonist. Kono and Adam are being watched by the Yakuza. Jerry wants in at Five-0.

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Someone is planting bombs in the city and they mean business. They want arsonist Jason Duclair (Randy Couture) released from prison or more bombs will go off.

The bomber uses poems to guide the team in their search. Danny and Steve pay a visit to Duclair who says he doesn't know the poet.

Turns out an admirer (named Trout) is behind the bombs. Steve and Danny get Duclair released and drop him off in the middle of nowhere, as instructed by Trout.

Trout actually wants to kill Duclair so that he will become famous. Five-0 doesn't let that happen and, of course, stops him. Although Trout does get away, Five-0 does manage to catch Duclair and put him back in prison.

Jerry wants to get ouf of the shrimp business. He is hoping Steve lets him in at Five-0. Danny and Steve argue about Jerry getting a badge. Danny thinks Steve will give in and let Jerry have one.

Adam is released from rehab after his gunshot wound and he and Kono go home. The Yakuza have been watching them and Kono is on edge. A car is outside late one night and Kono confronts the guys inside. What she finds is shocking.

Episode Details

On Hawaii Five-0 Season 6 Episode 2, bombs will be detonated unless arsonist Jason Sinclair is released and Kono realizes that she and Adam are being watched.

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Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Adam: This is one hell of a honeymoon, huh?
Kono: We have the rest of our lives for a honeymoon.

Besides, where else can a girl get a different flavor of Jell-O every night with her dinner?