Drinking His Troubles Away - Heels
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Crystal and Ace are having sex. Jack and Staci are in bed with Jack writing.

Jack is in pain. He's got a massive slash across his back.

Jack works as a sales manager at the local auto parts and tractor supplies store. He's late again, and for that, he has to sit on a metal crate instead of a chair.

Someone has a message for Jack Spade and all the hacks at the DWL. The south belongs to him!

The wrestlers are not happy with how things went down for Ace. If that's how Jack treats his brother, how will he treat them when their turn comes?

Timmy, now Tim, who inherited the sale shop, has things to say to Jack, and they're unpleasant.

Staci and Thomas hear noises in the attic, and when she investigates, she falls back down the ladder when a squirrel pops up.

There are videos of Ace tagged "wrestler cries like a baby."

Carol wants to talk to Jack. She's at home making green bean casserole, listening to Ace and Crystal playing video games. Crystal doesn't want Ace to call Bill again, but he does.

Carol makes a casserole and doesn't want Crystal to have any. She runs out of the house after Crystal to ask her how Ace is doing. Carol wants Ace to make a clean break from wrestling and start over. Crystal thinks it's great that Ace has a mom who cares so much.

Willie meets with Gully from Florida Family Dystopia. It was his ad that the guys were watching.

Gully wants to buy the dome, which isn't for sale. Willie isn't impressed.

Willie has Jack's back all the way. She loves that people care about the wrestlers and thinks it makes them a step above the rest.

When Willie calls Jack, he gets defensive. The DWL is about to blow up, and that's why Gully is interested.

Crystal lives in a double-wide where two kids are bouncing on a trampoline. They want her to play wrestling with them.

Ace gets a call from Bill. Things are slowing down since Ace cried. Bill wasn't impressed. Bill thinks that Ace should join the rival to take down DWL.

Jack has been shirking his duties as a husband and father. He needs to keep grinding, otherwise, he might as well just fold. Staci is worried about Jack and Ace. She needs to understand why Jack did what he did.

They fight, and Staci retreats to the couch.

Carol tries to reach Ace when he gets a phone call and finds his bedroom door locked. Carol calls Jack. Ace is missing. He left. The window is wide open, and he's left his phone. Melanie's also gone into labor.

she's worried. Ace is not good. He's not himself.

Ace is drinking by the Duffy, Georgia sign. He smashes his bottle into it and darts off, screaming like a goof.

Ace is at a karaoke bar watching his buddies singing. Ace gets two shots and tells his buddy to put his name down for a song.

The friend is Rooster. He's called Jack. Ace is ready for his song.

Hecklers are razzing Ace for crying and getting his shit pushed in by his brother.

Jack and Crystal arrive mid-song.

Everyone is booing him, and it just gets worse. But he wasn't any worse than the other guys.

Ace is begging for a bruisin', and he gets it. Jack stands up for his brother, though, and they double team the patrons. Crystal gets on on the action, too.

When Travis calls Jack and Ace a couple of pussies, Crystal takes him down with a scissor around the neck.

Ace is so excited at how everyone looked when they were on the same side. His spirits are heightened, and he singsongs about french fries and milkshakes.

Staci is practicing music when she hears the squirrels.

Ace gets philosophical about life. Can a black hole stop life as easily as it comes into the world?

Ace is crying talking about people who he's seen dying on youtube. But he falls asleep before explaining himself.

Ace didn't even want to wrestle. Jack pushed him into it when their dad died almost a year ago.

Crystal thought that it was such a dick move what Jack did at the last match. But it was brilliant for the story, and after seeing Ace at the bar, she thinks he would make a great heel.

Jack gets home with more bruises on his face.

They begin to make love in the kitchen. If Thomas hears them, they'll blame it on the squirrels.

Jack takes his family to see the baby at the hospital, but he gets a text from Timmy that he's needed at the office.

Rooster isn't happy with Jack. He wants to leave. Bobby is looking for presents for the baby.

Diego wonders when they're going to put forward a Latino. The big guy just wants Rooster to talk to Jack before leaving.

Charlie Gully sent flowers to Big Jim.

Ace won't come into the hospital.

Jack goes into the parking lot to talk with Ace. He admits he's got nothing. He's a lawnmower salesman. Ace is unemployed and always fired. That's just who they are unless they're in the ring.

Ace wants a say in his story and to be supported when he's scouted again. And he doesn't ever want to be booed again.

Everyone takes a turn holding the baby. They're a family.

Jack is in trouble at the office again, but Timmy is scared of Jack.

Staci takes a bb gun into the attic and kills the squirrels.

Then she goes outside to teach Thomas how to play soccer, and she mows the lawn.


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Heels Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Gully: I don't think you're supposed to smoke in here.
Willie: Fuck you. [blows smoke in his face]
Gully: Jack's ego is going to be the downfall of the DWL. Jump ship before you go down with it.

Staci: That's a dramatic entrance. Timmy on the warpath again?
Jack: I didn't hit 'im, so there's that.