Jack and Ace Spade get Ready for a Match - Heels
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Jack is scripting a match as we see the match unfold. Judging by the boos, Jack is the heel. He thrusts the ref into the ropes and grabs his mic to put on a performance that rips the audience for being dumb.

Ace runs into the arena, knocking Jack out of the ring. Ace's girlfriend jumps up for a smooch. The performance continues.

The rivalry looks awfully real from this angle.

Willie wants Jack to ask Ace to stop breaking the mics. Jack and Ace spar over how the fight went down.

Jack's wife and son are getting ready for church. Willie sees the arena is leaking.

Jack wants Staci and Thomas to go on without him. He's got to shower. The night before, they had an argument over the four fog machines that Jack purchased without asking for help finding the best price.

She wishes he'd let her in. She clips coupons and pinches pennies, so he needs to respect what she can do.

He hasn't finished the script. He wonders who should win. Staci says "us."

Jack's mom is worried that Ace isn't at church. Ace is pissin' on a tree outside of church, tossing a beer aside in the grass.

Thomas loves Uncle Ace. Jack isn't around after church since they uphold kayfabe, which is the illusion that wrestling is real.

A couple of wrestlers are practicing, proving that it's hard work and that anything could go wrong if they don't do it properly.

Willie and Jack discuss their competition. The competition is doing things a lot different, and now that they've worked up to Jack vs Ace, what happens next?

Jack's adamant that they need better shit to keep up with the Joneses.

Ace and Wild Card McGee are at the local convenience store. Ace gets called our for stealing, which he does every time he's in there. Helen only allows him to do it because their dad was good to her family.

Helen says that Tom would be ashamed, and Ace fat shames her about her dog that got killed when she was a kid. Damn. He's mean.

Ace is not going to be the winner. Ace wants it to be fun, but Jack says not at the expense of it being good. Jack heard about what happened with Helen, and he's pissed, especially on a match day.

People need to believe he's a good guy. Ace thinks he is.

Crystal reveals how Ace loses, and he bitches. She's been watching him for a long time, and it turns him on. They screw.

Wild Bill Hancock used to work with their dad and hit the big time. He thinks that being proud of what Bill achieved is the best they can do.

Jack kicks him out.

Seems Bill is going to try to woo Ace to the big time.

Ace and Crystal have come up with an alternative to Jack's story. It feels like a conclusion. Ace says, yeah. If Wild Bill sees what he can do in the ring, he's gone. Jack won't change the story.

Crystal wants to celebrate. Bill drops by to scoop Ace up to talk.

Bill instigates Ace by talking about Esop, trying to turn Ace against Jack. Bill thinks he needs to send the message that Ace is in charge now.

Ace skips autographs, leaving his fans standing around waiting, Staci and Thomas included.

Jack finds Big Jim Kitchen on the water tower. He wants Jim to turn heel so that he can become the face. Nobody will see it coming. But Jim wants to be be the good guy and doesn't want booed.

Instead, Jim says he's retiring after tonight. The baby's coming. Melanie doesn't understand what wrestling is all about anyway, and she thinks it's dangerous.

Jim was on the tower to imagine how he'd tell Jack.

Jim doesn't want to tell Ace before the match.

Ace really wants to win. After he makes it big, he'll come back. Jack says he'll never come back. Ace wants to know if Jack is for him or against him. Jack wonders if he's leaving, then is Ace for Jack or against him?

Ace says nothing is fair especially since Jack doesn't let anybody else in. Ace says they're cheering for him. Jack says they're cheering for a character he created.

Willie has to warn Crystal out of the locker room again. Crystal wants to wrestle.

Ace snorts Oxy before the match.

Jack doesn't give Ace a chance to make a move, angrily pinning him to the ground, hurting him. Thomas drops his popcorn on the ground. When Ace pops up, he punches Jack in the face, and the entire arena turns on him. Clutching his arm, Ace falls to the middle of the ring in tears as he's pelted with snack foods.

Jack turns his back, and the snacks come his way.


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Heels Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Jack: That's not fair. You put sex on my mind before church. How dare you?
Staci: Well, after church we can go see a movie. I'll leave my underwear in the car.

Ace: What? You made cuz I said fuck? They loved it!
Jack: We got kids who come to the show, Ace.
Ace: Yeah. To see me! I mean, listen to that!
Jack: When you're in the ring, you stick to my script.
Ace: Ace! Ace! Ace! Ace! You hear that?