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Alan awakes with blood on his hands, remembering an operation involving Sarah. Did he remove her fetus?

Ten year old immortal, Ms. Durant, continues her little chat with Julia. She tells her Michael's story beginning in 1601 when he fell head over heels for a peasant girl. Unfortunately, the girl's heart belonged to another, and she bore that man a son.

Vowing to never feel pain like this again, the twisted immortal burned his wife and her lover alive inside his barn.

Julia doesn't quite understand how this renegade immortal can help her cause. Ms. Durant explains that Michael has perfected infertility among mortal men. Only he would be capable of fathering children. Rather than resorting to genocide, Ilaria could potentially control the world's population this way. Julia understands and decides to visit St. Germaine island.

On the island, Michael is slowly losing control of his fellowship. Not to mention, Olivia has hidden away eight-three infected followers. They're sedated sure, but will soon become hostile again.

Meanwhile, Peter discovers he has company in the pit. Sister Anne tells him she was framed, but that Michael will come for her soon.

Alan meets up with Kyle who questions him about where he was all night. He asks about Sarah, and the two soon head to the lab to look for her. At the lab, they only find one of Sarah's boots. Alan picks it up and again flashes back to a bloody Sarah on a lab table. Alan tells Kyle he thinks he knows where Sarah is, somewhere in the bowels of the abbey.

When we finally see Sarah, she's covered with blood near her groin and has flashes of her own. It appears someone performed an abortion on her, but where is the fetus?

Sarah manages to escape and eventually runs into Alan, who had been searching for her. He and Kyle had split up after Alan informed the young doctor that Ilaria's responsible for Narvik and the two realize he may have drugged. Sarah and Alan head to the infirmary for an ultrasound. They confirm the baby is gone.

Elsewhere, Kyle wanders into Michael's botany lab and discovers journals dating back to the 1600s; which include Michael's family trees. The immortal's been a busy bee. Amy busts in to inform her father that she will not bear his children. Turns out, Michael knows all about her schemes, and plans to thin the herd and repopulate the abbey with her. After all, she's always been his favorite.

Once Michael leaves, Kyle continues his search for Sarah and comes across the pit. He helps Peter and Anne out telling them about the solution Michael made from the purple flowers. Sister Anne immediately realizes Michael's planning "a thinning." He plans to kill his followers.

Before Peter, Kyle and Anne can reach the dining hall, Michael tells his followers the CDC came up with an antidote providing them each with a little cup of death. The trio pounds on the doors, but they're too late as everyone in the hall begins to choke and die.

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Helix Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

I came to this island for a reason and I believe it's buried in this abbey.


Julia: With that technology Ilaria could control the spread of the mortal population.
Ms. Durant: Without resorting to genocide; yes. It would solve their human problem once and for all.
Julia: Where do I find this Michael?
Ms. Durant: On an island, on the far end of the new world.
Julia: Then that's where I need to go.