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We open with the Ilaria board meeting to discuss their objective, which is a total cleansing of mankind. Except for a select few humans chosen by Julia, the rest of humanity faces an extinction event.

However, the immortals appear to be plotting against her, rescheduling the meeting so she was forced to arrive late. Julia is the only immortal that sees this as genocide. We later learn she has a few allies in her corner though.

On the island, Brother Michael mourned Agnes' death with Sister Anne. Anne proved to disturbingly loyal to Michael, despite the fact Agnes' portrait joined the wall of dead women. It doesn't help the cruel immortal tells all his daughters they're his favorite.

Amy had a much more natural and realistic reaction to her grandma's death; she blames her father. We soon learn that Brother Michael mates with his own daughters in an attempt to father an immortal child. Sister Amy is now of age to do her duty. It's all very twisted.

Landry is easily influenced by Amy's story and spikes the funeral berries causing a new outbreak.

In the Abbey's lab, Kyle came clean about being undercover for the government when Sarah found Alan handcuffed. She was shocked Kyle had been investigating the team but he reassured her saying, "Not you, him. This man's a wanted terrorist. Multiple counts of murder and the bombing of the Ilaria Corporate building in Paris."

Kyle is right not to trust the Farragut brothers. Especially since Peter spilled the beans about Sarah's unborn child. Brother Michael questioned Peter regarding how Sarah became immortal. Though he didn't have that answer, he didn't need to share the news about the baby.

It didn't take long for several folks to begin displaying a psychotic reaction to the spiked berries. Kyle did not hesitate and demanded a quarantine room be set up for the infected. Needing all the help he could get, Kyle finally set Alan free.

Alan, Sarah and Kyle worked together attempting to control this new outbreak. It was working too, until Olivia (Soren's mother) staged a revolt with a large group of cult members. They removed all the infected patients from the quarantine area.

Sister Amy manipulated Olivia, planting the seed that the CDC team should be made to go away.

Landry and Amy argued, and soon Brother Michael becomes suspicious of Amy. Unfortunately, it was Sister Anne who paid the price. Amy planted the infected honey in her mother's locker and Michael had Anne taken away.

In Paris, Julia met with an immortal child named Ms. Durant who informs her about the "renegade immortal," Brother Michael himself. This immortal appears to be on Julia's side. However, she must be careful who she trusts.

The episode ends when Landry drugs Alan as he did to the children that attacked Kyle. Alan, appears in the lab and chokes Sarah.


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Helix Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Alan: You haven't figured it out, he's a mole.
Kyle: Watch it friend.
Alan: He's undercover, apparently I'm the CDC's most wanted. And I am not your friend.
Sarah: You've been investigating us this entire time?
Kyle: Not you, him. This man's a wanted terrorist. Multiple counts of murder and the bombing of the Ilaria Corporate building in Paris.
Sarah: I trust him, which is more than I can say for you right now.

Kyle: We need to get these people into quarantine.
Anne: What if there's not enough room in the infirmary.
Kyle: Just find the biggest room you can and round up the sick in there.
Anne: They won't come willingly.
Kyle: Then use physical force. Look these people are having a psychotic break. They won't listen to reason. They're not your friends and family anymore.