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At the abbey, Sister Amy is relieving Landry's sexual tension. The man believe's they're an item, but she assures him they're not. Actually, the young doctor, Kyle, has taken an interest in her she tells him. Of course, we know she is lying.

At a picturesque log cabin the woods, Daniel Aerov is chatting with someone. Jaye appears shortly after and we realize they are speaking to Hiroshi Hatake, now unrecognizable beneath long hair and a beard. Daniel warns him that someone is approaching.

Julia was the person approaching from the woods, and Hatake captures his daughter. He knew Ilaria would be sending someone, but did not expect it to be her. "The immortals have scattered to the winds. Our time is over. The TXM-7 pandemic is destroying us" she tells her father.

Hatake seems skeptical and wonders if she's telling the whole truth. After all, Julia was employed by Ilaria at one time.

Thirty years earlier, Brother Michael's grafting is interrupted by Peter who informs him the little boy, Soren, is missing.

Though Michael assures Peter he knows nothing of the situation, when Peter leaves the room, he makes sure Anne and the sisters are not involved. She claims they are not and attributes the loss of Soren to the CDC scientists.

When testing of the TXM-7 virus proved inconclusive, Kyle recommends testing the boy's sample against those of the ship's passengers. However, he realizes the ship samples are missing and the last place he recalls seeing them was at the shack.

Peter insists that he and Sarah will go to the shack and retrieve the samples, Kyle's to continue working and stay out of trouble.

Sister Amy has other plans though and sends Landry with a seraphim breath toxin to disrupt the CDC team's work. He poison's the children into behaving aggressively. Kyle is then lured outside by a little girl, ambushed and beaten with large stones by the kids.

At the shack, Peter and Sarah notice Leila's body is missing but before they have time to process it, they're attacked by an infected man.

Luckily Kyle had given Sarah his gun, and she shoots the infected ex-cult member. She also manage to collect the sample Kyle dropped earlier.

The duo return from their adventure to find Kyle unconscious in a bloody heap. He shares his story with them.

Peter questions Brother Michael, and this time the man does not deny he was aware of the ex-cult members living outside the gate. He tells Peter they chose to leave and that was their path.

Thirty years in the future, Hatake uses truth serum to get the truth out of Julia. He learns she's not only infected, but she is still working for Ilaria.

Meanwhile, in the past, Alan manages to sneak into a dank wine cellar and discovers jars and barrels containing a strange yellow substance.

Sarah wants to find Alan ASAP and work together to solve this outbreak. Peter eventually agrees, and heads out looking for his brother. He finds Alan in the wine cellar and knocks him out. What?!?

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Helix Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

I knew they would send someone. I did not think it would be you.


I'd say it's about time we took matters into our own hands. Wouldn't you?

Sister Amy