Watch Helix Season 2 Episode 3 online to find out what Sarah and Peter encounter outside the gates, while Alan does some snooping around the abbey. In the future, Julia learns that Hatake has lost his mind.

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Watch Helix Season 2 Episode 3 online right now and right here via TV Fanatic. We offer an array of options, all of which will allow you to get reacquainted with some familiar faces from Season 1. That's right, Daniel, Jaye and Hatake himself have returned. At the abbey, Sister Amy manipulates Landry by relieving his sexual tension. She's literally got him in the palm of her hand. Elsewhere, in peaceful log cabin the woods, Daniel Aerov is having a conversation with someone. Soon Jaye appears and we realize they are speaking to Hatake, now sporting long hair and a beard. It isn't long before they realize someone's approaching. Hatake captures his daughter, Julia, and they discuss why she is there. "The immortals have scattered to the winds. Our time is over. The TXM-7 pandemic is destroying us" she tells her father. He doesn't seem convinced she's telling the whole truth. After all, she was working for Ilaria at one time. At the abbey, Brother Michael is grafting but is interrupted by Peter who informs him the little boy, Soren, has gone missing. Michael assures Peter he has no knowledge of the situation. However, when Peter leaves the room, he double checks with Anne to see if the sisters are involved. She assures him they are not. Testing of the TXM-7 virus is not going well. Kyle recommended testing the boy's samples against those of the ship's passengers. He quickly realizes the ship samples are missing. Last place he recalls seeing them were at that mysterious shack. Peter decides he and Sarah will head out to the shack to retrieve the samples, Kyle was to continue working and stay out of trouble. Sister Amy sends Landry with a seraphim breath toxin to disrupt the CDC team's work. He poison's the children. Kyle is lured outside by a little girl, ambushed and beat to within an inch of his life with large stones by the kids. At the shack, Peter and Sarah realize Leila's body is missing. Before they have time to process anything, they're attacked by an infected man. Sarah shoots him with the gun Kyle lent her and she managed to pick up the samples. Upon their return, they find Kyle unconscious and a bloody mess. He shares his bizarre story with them. Peter confronts Brother Michael, who does not deny he knew infected ex-cult members lived outside the gate. He explained they chose to leave and that was their path. Thirty years in the future, Hatake uses sodium pentothal (truth serum), to get to the truth. He learns that Julia is not only infected, but she is still working for Ilaria. In the past, Alan managed to sneak into a wine cellar and discovered jars and barrels containing a strange yellow substance. Sarah mentions finding Alan and working together to solve this case. Peter eventually agrees and goes looking for his brother. He finds him in the wine cellar and knocks Alan out.

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On Helix Season 2 Episode 3, Sarah and Peter discover what's in the woods when they leave the abbey to retrieve some specimens. Meanwhile, Julia encounters Hatake in the future, but he's not quite sane.

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Helix Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

I knew they would send someone. I did not think it would be you.


I'd say it's about time we took matters into our own hands. Wouldn't you?

Sister Amy