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On this week's of Hell On Wheels…

After finding a photo of the group of soldiers all connected to his wife's death, Cullen Bohannon learns of his last victim's whereabouts. He goes in search of Sergeant Frank Harper who is supposed to be with the logging crew.

The Swede takes away some of Bohannon's men from their work in search of Lily Bell and the maps.

Elam Ferguson tells Bohannon that he and the other black men will do their work as well as the white men's work.

On Bohannon's journey, he runs into Joseph Black Moon and Lily Bell. At first, he is about to leave them but decides to help the two and return Lily back to camp. He even stops a group of men from causing harm to her.

Bohannon returns Lily safely, refuses to take the bounty, and heads back off on his journey to find the sergeant.

Hell on Wheels
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Hell on Wheels Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Cullen Bohannon: Why cut 'em up? What do you people get out of it?
Joseph Black Moon: Your people have done much worse.
Cullen Bohannon: Maybe. Maybe, but I'm going to keep them from skinning your ass alive if you bring that white women back.

Sean McGinnes: She's just a whore, mate.
Mickey McGinnes: Then make me a liar, you bastard. Go talk to her. Go on.