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On the season finale of Hell on Wheels…

Cullen decides to stay rather than run.

The Swede finds Harper who claims he was never at Meridian, just that he knew because of Johnson and company. The Swede brings him back to camp.

The Swede is run out of camp after being tarred and feathered by Mickey and Sean.

Lily tells Durant that she wants to work with him and see the railroad to the end.

Eva wants to settle down with Elam, but he refuses. She leaves him for Mr. Toole.

Harper tries to get Cullen to believe that he wasn't the Sergeant that raped and killed his wife, but that there was a different one. Cullen doesn't listen but instead chokes Harper to death.

Cullen sees Harper's discharge papers and realizes that he killed the wrong man.

Cullen runs, with a larger bounty on his head.

Hell on Wheels
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Hell on Wheels Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

That whiskey goes in the dance tent, not in your tent.

Cullen Bohannon

I find it hard to imagine you in a domestic setting.

Lily Bell