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On the season finale of Hell on Wheels…

Cullen Bohannon recounts the events leading up to and after the Sioux attack on Hell on Wheels.

Bohannon rides the train over the newly constructed bridge with success.

Sean McGinnes renounces his faith and tries to do everything he can to win over Ruth, but even after, she still rejects him.

Hannah Durant tries to convince Lily Bell to leave town with a bribe of money.

Lily refuses. She steals the ledger accounting for the railroad corruption, telling Elam to mail it back to the city in the event of her death.

Elam lets her know that he was ordered to kill her in order to keep his land. He lets her live.

Eva tells Elam that there is nothing between them. Mr. Toole, thinking she's back with Elam, shoots himself.

Cullen sees the white spirit and realizes that the Sioux are gathering for an attack, sends word for help. They only receive five men and a few cannons.

The Swede returns to town, his chest burned by the Sioux, telling Durant and others that all will be destroyed.

The Swede manages to escape, kill the security guard, rejoice with the town's destruction, and finally, chokes Lily to death.

Bohannon leads the attack against the Sioux protecting the railroad, but the town and many of its people laid to waste.

In the aftermath, he discovers Lily murdered. He carries her body to Ruth.

The Swede tells Bohannon he enjoyed killing Lily. Right before he is about to hang the Swede for his crime, the Swede jumps off the bridge.

With Durant in custody for his crime, Bohannon is asked to take over the railroad duties.

He plants a stick with a red scarf and starts walking forwards along the railroad.

Hell on Wheels
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