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On this episode of Hell on Wheels…

After the Sioux capture one of the men and torture him, Bohannon shoots him to put him out of his misery.

The workers refuse to work on the railroad in fear of being attacked themselves.

After getting orders from Durant to fix the problem, Bohannon asks for new men to arrive for work, causing a fight to break out, and the original crew to agree to go back to their jobs. The freed men are given weapons to help protect the workers in case of an attack.

Meanwhile, Eva tells Ferguson that she is going to have his baby. He tells her to get rid of it.

Eva also tells her husband, Mr. Toole, about her infidelity and the baby. At first he is angry, but after learning that Ferguson won't do anything to help her, he returns to her side.

Hell on Wheels
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Hell on Wheels Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Be careful Miss Bell, you're starting to sound like a man.

Cullen Bohannon

When logic isn't on your side, resort to the profane.

Lily Bell