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On the season finale of Hell on Wheels…

Cullen quits the railroad and heads off to find Naomi and his son.

He discovers the no one is in the Mormon fort but something disastrous happened.

He heads off for the Mormon city only to discover smallpox swept the fort and it got Mother Hatch. Naomi and his child are headed west.

Cullen gets an offer to join the Central Pacific railroad, with a stake in the work, while searching for his family. Cullen eventually agrees.

Durant manages to summit Sherman Peak as he prepares for the final stretch of the railroad battle to completion.

John Campbell tells Mickey and his cousin to leave Cheyenne. Eva offers to be the Madam and take care of the girls. The group leaves.

John, having brought law and order to Cheyenne, continues to buy up the town. After a struggle with Durant, he bargains with him for the last piece. Durant finally agrees.

The Swede, after killing someone, gets permission from Brigham Young to move forward and work on the railroad.

Hell on Wheels
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