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On this episode of Hell on Wheels…

Cullen reunites with Durant as the Union Pacific Railroad and the Central Pacific Railroad members meet up in Salt Lake City.

Discussions are made with the president over the routes and the final destination.

After Durant goes back on his deal with Brigham Young, Brigham makes a deal with Cullen. He offers him the location of Cullen’s family.

Cullen gets the info, but he changes the deal and suggests that the two railroads engage in a race rather than pointing out one specific end spot.

Eva has trouble with another prostitute. She kills her.

The Swede and Phineas try to convince Brigham to deal with the Hatches. He brushes them off, but another Mormon member gives them the location of the Hatches.

Phineas confronts Brigham and stabs him.

Thinking he killed his father, Phineas announces to the other Mormons that he is the new prophet. Brigham puts a stop to that, and the Swede runs away.

Cullen learns that The Swede knows where his family is, and he races to get to the Swede before The Swede gets to Naomi and his son.

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Hell on Wheels Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

In politics, nothing is ever off the table.


What’s good for the railroad, is good for America.