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On this episode of Hell on Wheels…

The Swede discovers the Hatches and kills a few before trying to get to Naomi and her kid.

Cullen tracks the Swede down but is shot by the Swede.

The two fight, but rather than kill the Swede, Cullen decides to bring him back to be hanged.

On their journey back, the Swede questions Cullen’s decision.

Cullen tries to fix his wound.

The Swede even attacks Cullen, nearly killing him, but Cullen stops him.

Cullen passes out before making it back, but soldiers discover them.

Cullen is patched up, and while he is out, a trial is held for the Swede.

The Swede is found guilty.

The Swede asks Cullen for mercy before he is hanged.

Cullen leaves.

Hell on Wheels
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Hell on Wheels Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

No man tortures his enemy, if he must torture himself in the process.

The Swede

Heavenly father has spared my neck twice now. He can manage a third.

The Swede