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On this week’s Hellcats...

- We pick right back up at qualifiers. Savannah has a conversation with Charlotte from Memphis Christian (the Hellcats' rivals), who turns out to be her sister. Charlotte gets injured during their routine, causing Savannah to go to the hospital and the Hellcats time slot to be changed.

- At the hospital, Savannah has a run-in with her mom, who is still giving her the cold shoulder because of her transferring to Lancer.

- Lewis argues with Alice about her inviting Wanda (Marti’s mom) to the competition, telling her that she is putting everyone’s scholarships in danger.

- Marti meets with Dan and tells him that she hasn't spoken with her mom since she showed up at the competition and Marti made her leave. When Marti gets back to the dorms, Wanda is there hanging with the squad.

- Wanda gets drunk and tells Marti that she been evicted from her apartment for trashing the landlord’s car. Marti lets her stay the night, but makes her meet with the landlord the next day. Marti took out a cash advance on a credit card to pay for the damages so Wanda can get back into her apartment.

- While out with her boyfriend Derrick, Vanessa runs into Red, the new football coach. Derrick introduces himself and Vanessa doesn't let him know that she has a past with the new coach. She introduces herself as if they have never met before. Later on, Red sends Vanessa red roses.

- Savannah goes to the hospital to visit her sister where her mom asks her to come on Saturday for a prayer circle - the same time the Hellcats are supposed to perform at qualifiers. Savannah tells her she can’t make it and will be there for Charlotte in her own way.

- Marti and Savannah share stories about their troubles with the mothers, where Savannah lets Marti know that her family shut her out when she transferred to Lancer. They feel she walked out on them and their legacy.

- Wanda shows up at qualifiers and this time Marti lets her stay. The Hellcats have an awesome routine and nail the entire thing. The squad has killer tumbling and they win qualifiers, sending them to Nationals.

- The squad goes back to the university pub where Wanda works to celebrate. Dan asks out Savannah, who says yes, and Marti and Lewis spend some time together on the dance floor.

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Hellcats Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Family goes where it goes, you can't control it.


You are champions of the spirit. You ignore the scoreboard. Long odds are irrelevant.