Go Hellcats!
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The series finale of Hellcats sent the squad to Atlanta for Nationals. The squad was missing several members because of a strep throat epidemic. 

Shortly before competition, Charlotte goes into labor and Lewis gets locked in a bathroom by Nasty Kathy. He breaks a window and is able to make it back in time but Savannah doesn’t. The members of Nationals get an anonymous call that some of the squad is competing with strep. After finding three more members sick, the Hellcats are banned from competing. The squad performs after the competition for arts sake.

Marti and Dierdra get closer until Marti answers her phone with their father on the other line. 

Savannah steps down as captain and gives the position to Alice so she can be there for her family and the new baby.

The Athletic Director and Emily fire Vanessa for knowingly allowing students to compete sick.

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Hellcats Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

We have earned our moment.


You did this to yourself.