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On the series premiere of Hellcats...

- We meet Marti, a pre-law student at Lancer University. Marti has been attending on a scholarship that was recently canceled due to employee cutbacks (her mom works on campus). She has to find a new scholarship or a way to pick in a week or she will be barred from classes.

- Marti spends a lot of her time with her townie friend Dan. Together they watch the Hellcats practice, where one of the flyers, Alice, gets hurt.

- Marti goes to the bursars’ office to find a way to fix her financial problem. She is told she needs to find a new scholarship to stay in school. Savannah, the Hellcats captain, comes into the office to drop her cheerleading scholarship paperwork off, as well as hang up cheerleading try out posters. Marti and Savannah get into an argument after Marti insults the sport of cheerleading.

- Tryouts are being held to replace Alice on the Hellcats. Marti tries out and after a rough start; she ends up pulling out a great routine. Savannah, Alice, and the Hellcats coach vote to have Marti join the team.

- Marti moves into Cheertown (the cheerleading dorms) and lives with Savannah. Right away she is butts heads with Alice. While in the showers, Alice takes Marti’s robe, causing Louis (one of the male cheerleaders) to rescue her out of the situation.

- The Hellcats practice for qualifiers where Marti’s friend watches while Marti and Louis dance together. Alice is angry over the situation because she used to date Louis. Marti and Savannah are talking in the dorms about why Marti quit gymnastics. She explains that her mother would show up drunk, causing her to screw up her routines. After a while, she got so embarrassed that she just quit. Alice overhears the conversation, causing her to go find Marti’s mom and invite her to qualifiers.

- Episode ends with the Hellcats making their way out of the stadium into a crowd, and Marti enjoying her new place on the squad.

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Hellcats Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

You know what gets me through? Hope.


There is a scholarship for cheerleading? For being a football groupie?