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The Hellcats are required to deliver the season tickets to the major Lancer boosters, including Mr. Overton. While delivering his tickets, Marti sneaks into his office to find Morgan’s laptop. Mr. Overton spots her with the computer as they are leaving. He speaks with Bill Marsh about Marti and how she is still poking around the Travis case.

Jake and Alice talk about the possibility of him going pro. He speaks with Bill Marsh who has a video of him he will use as blackmail to keep him from entering the draft until the next year.

Marti heads to Dan’s work and confronts him about his breaking up with Savannah. He explains that he can’t lie to her, especially when all he thinks about is Marti. He giver her an ultimatum and Marti admits her feelings are not the same as his. She is scared he will run again like last time.

The girls head to a BBQ where the Cyclones are at. Savannah presses her sister Charlotte about telling their mom about her pregnancy but Charlotte is not up for it. Savannah wins a dance contest and gives the money to Marti for a new computer for being a good friend. Cathy, a Cyclone cheerleader, approaches Alice with dirt on Savannah. She gives her a web address but Alice explains she is loyal to her girls.  When she does check out the website, she finds the video of Savannah competing for Charlotte a few weeks back.

Savannah gets drunk and goes outside with the DJ. He tries to attack her in his truck, but Marti sprays him with mace and gets Savannah out. Savannah is upset about Dan, causing Marti to admit why he broke up with her in front of the squad. Savannah is furious and Lewis breaks up with her.

Marti goes to find Dan at his work but he had quit the day before. He ignores Marti’s calls as he travels down to New Orleans. The girls leave for sectionals.

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Hellcats Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

When I'm near you and I'm not stifling the urge to strangle you like I am right now, all i can think about is being with you, holding you, kissing you.

Dan [to Marti]

I hit Dan, I slapped him actually.