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The Hellcats do a calendar shoot to raise money for a new floor. They have a release party at the bar where 3OH!3 perform.

Savannah confides in Wanda that Charlotte is pregnant. Wanda invites Savannah’s mother to the party so she can tell her. Savannah shares the news causing a big fight between the family. They make up so they can help Charlotte through her pregnancy.

Derrick asks Vanessa if she has cold feet because they haven’t set a date. Red asks for help dancing, resulting in a kiss between him and Vanessa.

Jake shares with Alice that Bill Marsh is blackmailing him over evidence of a prank he pulled years earlier. Marti goes to his office to search for information and Alice is there. She wants to find the blackmail, which turns out to be a DVD of Jake robbing the pharmacy, not Travis. Marti takes the DVD and is followed him as she stays at her Mom’s for the night.

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Hellcats Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Who is the baby daddy? Is it Lewis? Dan? Morgan?


Right now, it's better if he thinks he's up against Nancy Drew and Harry Potter.