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  • Steve's little rap about raw chicken is the cutest. 
  • Brynn is pissed that Payton threw her under the bus but he won't say to her face why he did it.
  • Pink-haired Payton, are we surprised? Emily does have impressive arms. 
  • Keona had the best picture with a thrist trap
  • Steve also killed it with his adult onesie to which I may or may not have one that looks like a uniocorn. Shut up.
  • The challenge is to make three apps and three entrees for Megan's birthday party
  • Megan's pad thai like noodles impressed Megan
  • Brynn doesn't use her pass and sticks it out with her team who are a person down.
  • is megan ok after that faceplant? goodness
Hell's Kitchen
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