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Noah is at a loss, wondering what really happened in his missing memories. He desperately searches for clues with Quentin at his side and it leads them to a hospital and a Doctor who happens to know Noah. The Doctor secretly calls security, but Noah knows what's going on and takes on hostage. Together, they go through the CCTV footage and one of the videos apparently shows him identifying Claire's body, before bumping into Molly, who acts crazy towards him. 

Taylor takes Molly to her mother, Erica, who runs a company that is largely against EVO's and it's apparent that they are using Molly to power a new pair of glasses that can identify EVO's. Erica announces it to investors and even manages to point out an EVO in the crowd, but we don't quite know whether she was lying to secure the deal. 

Luke and Joanna continue on their quest, but they come to a disagreement on a pit stop for dinner. Luke questions whether they should stop this revenge plot and move on, but Joanna seems hell bent on avenging her son's death. It is revealed that Luke has a power. 

Tommy continues to make friends with the cool kids and even steals them some alcohol. 

Heroes Reborn
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Heroes Reborn Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Do not touch my sword!


Let's be honest, if we had to rely on anybody else, how would anything get done?