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Just when you think Mr. Bennet might actually be okay, and that evil is just his day job, he sets up daughter Claire to meet her "bio-parents."

The reunion turns out to be just an act. Or is it? We thought Iwedetected a look of regret, or concern, on the woman pretending to be Claire's birth-mom, when HRGG congratulates the couple on a deception-well-done, afterward in the driveway. I think we will see more of this woman since she's played by the somewhat well-known Karri Turner of JAG. The deception doesn't hold anyway, as Claire's adopted Mom, who appears less heavily-medicated tonight than previously, mentions a slight chromosome problem Claire had at birth. Oops.

Now we know why Eden, the "antique-bookstore clerk" and Brooklyn neighbor of the Suresh's, was so comfortable handling a gun when she first met Mohinder. We absolutely did not see this twist coming, but we imagine a lot of viewers did. Eden's banter back and forth on the phone with Mr. Bennet was pretty good: she casually brings him up to speed on all the new superheroes she's gathered intel on.

We're still annoyed with Mohinder, especially his flat-out dismissal of Peter's story last week, not to mention his leaden voice-overs. No, we take that back. Mohinder's closing voice-over tonight seemed especially relevant, as it played over Niki, who's sprawled out on the carpet after losing the battle with DL: "Evolution is an imperfect and often violent process. Morality loses its meaning. The question of good and evil reduced to one simple choice: survive or perish."

The Bennets of Odessa Texas, and the Petrelli Brothers of New York, now have to take a back seat: Niki's family is definitely demonstrating the most twisted dynamics at this point. Ripping apart gangsters and "bitch-ass" poker-players is one thing, but framing D.L. and sending him to prison? That's cold. D.L.'s a good dad to Micah it seems. Mirror-twin finally picks this time to reveal herself and speak directly to Niki and she unloads quite a tale. Why does Mirror Twin want to keep D.L. away from Micah so much that she'd frame him to do it?

We're glad Ando will be sticking around. One of my favorite lighter scenes this week is when Hiro, in the middle of making light-saber noises, explains the nature of a "hero's quest" to his friend, saying: "You don't have to have powers to be a hero." Present Hiro's smart enough, by the way, to know why Future Hiro, needed to be cryptic and go through Peter to deliver his message. It's refreshing when characters on a show are as smart as the audience.

Who better than a comics and sci-fi fan to understand the delicacy of the time-space continuum?

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Heroes Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Mohinder Suresh: Evolution is an imperfect, and often violent process. Morality loses it's meaning. The question of good and evil, reduced to one simple choice: Survive? Or perish?

Hiro Nakamura: [learning about his future self] I had a sword?
Peter Petrelli: Just get yourself to New York.
[Peter hangs up and Ando and Hiro stare at the phone, sort of confused]
Hiro Nakamura: I had a sword!