Mr Bennet is keeping Sylar in a power-resistant room in the bowels of the Make-Believe Paper Company. We get confirmation that Sylar is, indeed, collecting abilities from all the Heroes he's killing. Bennet makes an interesting observation in regard to this, saying that he thinks Sylar's actually gone completely insane due to his brain being infiltrated by far too many superpowers. The power, it seems, has gone to his head. Literally.

Jessica actually shoots at DL three times, hitting him once; he avoids a bullet to the brain by conveniently phasing around it, so she goes after him on foot while Niki stares plaintively at her from reflective surfaces. Niki thankfully resurfaces to take control back over her life (and body) when she realizes that Jessica would do anything to retain her power, even if it means hurting Micah. Matt and Clea interview Peter, and when Matt turns on his mind-reading power, Peter starts to pick up the power himself and then he and Matt spend a confusing couple of minutes reading each others minds. Funny stuff.

Hiro, Ando, and Isaac meet up in Odessa and Hiro tells Isaac everything he saw in the future. In turn, Isaac tells them about the painting he did of the exploding man. Isaac finally gains the ability to paint his visions without the use of drugs and what he ends up painting is Hiro fighting a dragon with a sword. The Mindblower pays a visit to Lyle and Zach, and it seems he's going to erase Claire's memory too, but he has different plans for her. He tells her he works for her father and that she needs to remember her powers and keep this a secret from her dad.

Eden realizes that Bennet has been told to keep Sylar alive, and she thinks this is a very stupid idea (as do we) and that she can tell him to kill himself with her power of persuasion. She unwisely decides to take matters into her own hands and goes to see Sylar. He's more powerful than she thought, though, and he attacks her. But before he can steal her power, she blows her own brains out.

Nathan comes to retrieve Peter from jail, but he passes out on the front steps. He wakes up in a dream world New York and, as he walks through the city, he meets up with all of the Heroes, only they all look terrified of him and run away. Peter looks down at his hands and it would seem that he's glowing with fire or radiation or something and he explodes... only to wake up in his brother's arms and declare that he's going to go off like a bomb. And then it would appear that he dies. Maybe.

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Heroes Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Peter Petrelli: Peter: I... I think I died.
Claire Bennet: Claire Bennet: I've died before... it's no big deal.

Isaac Mendez: Recently I painted a picture of... a man exploding.
Hiro Nakamura: How do you stop an exploding man?